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Advantages Magazine May 2014 : Cover 1

ADVANTAGES An ASI Publication MAY 2014 $5.00 COMPENSATION SURVEY our favorite tweets high Rookies & Vets RepoRt BReak-out YeaR p.118 leSSonS from the Super Bowl: advertising strategies that Work p. 128 ad specialties center stage at sXsw all-time go fetch p.124 pet MArket: fanS Go CuCkoo for CurlinG Mobile ad Spending To hiT $ billion 31.5 2014 = $ 79,600 SaleS rally for our 5 th year tally nap time: August 15 is NAtioNAl relAxAtioN DAY Get S’more CampGround SaleS BBQ Basics Women’s apparel soothing sunscreens neW from asi long Beach ShowcaSeS:

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